Cardiff OCD Conference - 2012

Continuing our commitment to provide OCD conferences around the whole of the UK, back in 2012 we hosted the first ever OCD conference in Wales when we hosted our event in Cardiff on Saturday 10th November 2012. The conference was primarily aimed at those with OCD, along with their family and friends. Through the kind support of Awards for All, part of the National Lottery Fund, we were able to live stream our conference and you can now watch a recording of the conference. The recording is several hours long, resulting in a large file, please be patient whilst the video loads.

To help you locate each presentation in the streaming we have broken down the hour and minutes where each presentation begins. Simply move the scroller on the video to the time slot just before each part of the presentation you wish to watch back.

  • 0:00 Keynote - OCD, An unnecessary illness - Professor Paul Salkovskis - University of Bath
  • 00:30 My experience of OCD, seeking help, and life-changing CBT - Karen Robinson
  • 00:56 OCD is taking over... can I reassure yet? - Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald - Clinical Psychologist within Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust
  • 1:16 Hoarding - A new chapter - Dr Victoria Bream Oldfield - Institute of Psychiatry
  • 1:50 Cardiff welcomes careful drivers: Motoring and road safety concerns in OCD - Dr Elizabeth Forrester
  • 2:14 Corrie actor, Ian Puleston-Davies in conversation with Ashley Fulwood
  • 2:53 Medication in the treatment of OCD - Dr Anne Perry - The Priory Ticehurst
  • 3:16 Mark's Story
  • 3:18 Question Time
  • 4:11 ‘Cwharae Teg’ - Getting a level playing field for Wales. The launch of CBT for Wales. - Keith Fearns and Deon Gorlle - CBT Cymru
  • 4:41 Face your fear: first steps to overcoming your OCD - Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald - Clinical Psychologist within Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust
  • 5:01 Intrusive thoughts with a focus on Homosexual OCD fears - Dr Lauren Callaghan - Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit (ADRU)
  • 5:22 Life after OCD - Professor Paul Salkovskis - University of Bath

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