Set up a Fundraising Page

Create an online fundraising page for OCD-UK through Virgin Money Giving

Regardless of which event you are taking part in to fundraise for OCD-UK, you can now create your very own online sponsorship page through our partnerships with Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving.

A personal online fundraising page is a simple and great way of raising money. Within minutes you can create your fundraising page, and have it emailed to your family, friends and colleagues, be they local or global, and have your first sponsors within minutes!

Create an online fundraising page for OCD-UK through Virgin Money Giving

All online donations are made safely and securely using the latest encrypted online security.

There are two ways to create your online sponsorship page, either with Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving. We recommend using Virgin Money Giving who are completely not-for-profit.  Their transaction fees are much lower, and so more of your money comes directly to OCD-UK.

You can personalise your page by adding photos and a personal message, making sure people know what you are doing. Then e-mail your page through to your friends and colleagues.  You can even add widgets to your Facebook profile.

Online fundraising pages help you achieve your target amount online! Instead of circulating paper sponsorship forms, and having the hassle of collecting cheque's and cash, you can now do it all online.  You will receive notification each time someone sponsors you.

As the money you raise is sent to us automatically, you don’t need to do anything else; even the Gift Aid donations are automatically collected for us.  So for ever £10 someone donates, if they declare Gift Aid on their donation, we can claim an additional £2.50.

  • Choose ‘make your page’ on Just Giving, or 'Start fundraising' on Virgin Money Giving.
  • Follow the steps to set up an account page.
  • Once your page is set up, personalise it to let everyone know what you are doing and why.
  • Be sure to explain why the cause is so important to you.
  • Email the link to all your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who may sponsor you.
  • Promote your page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Notify OCD-UK that you have setup a fundraising page so we can send you our fundraising support materials.

You can also request hard copy sponsor forms from our office, which we would be delighted to post to you.  It is always worth carrying a sponsorship form around with you; you never know when you might bump into an old friend and you can pin them down there and then to sponsor you!

You may also print out a sponsorship form  whilst you wait for us to post you copies - PDF (329 kb) [pdf] - 329 kb

Create a fundraising event sponsorship page

If you're participating in a fundraising event, an online sponsorship page is a simple and great way of raising sponsorship.  Your colleagues, friends and family can donate to your page instantly through a secure online system. There are many ways you can choose to raise money for us, whether it is holding a sponsored silence, being sponsored to grow a beard, or even losing weight.  There are loads of ways you can participate in a fundraising event. Take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Be sure to notify us once you create your event, so that  we can help make sure everything is ok – and support you with your fundraising materials.

Create a celebration page

Some people have decided to forsake birthday gifts in aid of OCD-UK, so you could create a birthday celebration fundraising page and ask friends and family to donate to OCD-UK rather than give cards and gifts.

Create an online fundraising page for OCD-UK through Just Giving

The possibilities are endless, if you have any questions, or need help setting up your fundraising page, don't hesitate to contact the OCD-UK office by emailing us, or calling us on 03332 127 890.

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