Good Morning Britain OCD feature

Good Morning Britain OCD feature

Following a feature about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder on today's ITV 'Good Morning Britain' programme we share the concerns expressed by many about the way Good Morning Britain portrayed the illness, and may have done significant awareness damage by adding to the misconceptions that OCD is a simple quirk that people choose to be helpful. In fact, the way Good Morning Britain portrayed OCD today is the public perception of OCD that we hoped OCD Awareness Week would challenge and change.

We cannot comment if Michelle Mone who featured in the piece suffers with OCD or not, although she admitted she has never been diagnosed, but what we do want to say is that whilst many people are slightly obsessed or may have compulsive tendencies, which may be what Michelle Mone describes, what the general public often fail to recognise is those tendencies are not clinical OCD because for the vast majority of people it does not lead to anxiety or the ‘D’ part of OCD, the disorder

The reality is that OCD is an incredibly debilitating and disabling illness that impacts on every aspect of a person’s life from education, to relationships to careers and sometimes with sad and tragic consequences, so  it is disappointing that even when OCD-UK advised the Good Morning Britain last week that what they wanted to film will add to the misconceptions that OCD is a ‘bit of checking' they still proceeded with their piece.

We want to make our supporters aware that over the next 18-months we intend to focus much of awareness work on trying to bring the ‘D’ back into OCD within the general public’s vernacular when using the OCD term.

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