Meet Nicole's Grump

Meet Nicole's Grump, she is mean! mean! mean!

Two years ago, OCD-UK launched our 'Jolly and Grump' booklet to help young children learn all about OCD. Since then children from all over have been showing us what they think their Grump looks like.

We were delighted to receive this picture from 8 year old Nicole who lives in Ontario in Canada. Nicole told us "This is what my grump looks like. She is mean! mean! mean! She makes me do things that I don't want to do and not do things that I do want to do. Thank you for making the Jolly and Grump book so I could draw my big grump that was in my head. I want to make her smaller in real life."

We sincerely hope that Nicole can make her Grump small and tiny in the future.

Take a closer look at Nicole's Grump (click to enlarge).

Take a closer look at Nicole's Grump (click to enlarge).


If you would like to send us a picture of your Grump, we would be delighted to see what he/she looks like. Send it in to OCD-UK, PO Box 8955, Nottingham NG10 9AU.


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