Stamp collect for OCD-UK

Stamp collect for OCD-UK

Saving and collecting your used stamps is another great way you can help raise a few pence for OCD-UK with no additional cost to yourself! All you need to do is save the stamps on postal letters that you receive, so before throwing your old envelopes away, remember to tear off the used stamp first and store them in a safe place until you have plenty to send to OCD-UK. We then sell them on in bulk to earn a few quid for the charity.

So remember, before throwing away the envelopes containing your Christmas and birthday cards, remove the stamps from the envelopes and pop them in a safe place for sending to OCD-UK at a later date.

Please also encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save their stamps for OCD-UK too.

Guidelines for your new stamp collecting hobby: Stamp collect for OCD-UK

  • Please leave approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp. The rest of the envelope can be discarded.
  • The value of a stamp does not matter, so 1p stamps can be grouped together with £1 stamps.
  • Collected stamps should be sent to:
    Silverlands Lodge,
    East Sussex
    TN6 3HE

Note: Please be sure to have the correct postage on your bundle of stamps when posting to us, otherwise we are charged a surcharge by the Royal Mail. 'Letter', 'Large Letter' and 'Packet' sizes are measured on thickness and length. If you're unsure, please check with your local posting office before posting out to us.

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