Stuart - A Better Way

Stuart performing his song.
Stuart singing 'A Better Way'.

"Hello all.

"Well, I shall be brief as my OCD is telling me to tell you every single solitary tiny little eensey weensey minute detail possible about me and my past, else I will be failing ! And, to spell check too ! So, 2 fingers to my OCD, I will do neither, ha ha !

"NB: Always change your CBT around as it too can become ritualistic !!!

"My first recollection of abnormal distress was when I was 17. I am 47 now. From that moment on I always thought I was just a bit odd and never understood why I had these feelings, or why I behaved in such a mannor, and why no-one else I knew seemed to be perturbed about certain things like I was? But, in 2000 I became ill, very ill indeed. My OCD took me down to such a low level I could not function, as a Father, a husband, or a human being. However, a trip to the doctors revealed all ! And soon after, came a crash course in CBT from a sheer genious by the name of Liz Forester, who, basically took me apart and put my emotions back togeteher and taught me what I know today, thus, I became a person again.....It took a long time, but I did it. I have been married for 21 years and have 2 wonder children, 16 & 18. I am so so lucky. I am still very difficult to live with, but so so much better than before.

"I have good days and bad days, there are tears, and sometimes that aweful deperate dark dark place I do NOT like to visit, but I always manage to claw my way back from somehow. I do my CBT every day, and, life IS good. What is the alternative ? Exactly. So, glass half full people, not half empty!

"The best advice I can give to anyone is - "Seek and ye shall find"...........That is so so true, so DO NOT SEEK !!!!!

"Be good, do your CBT, take your medication, stick to a maintenance plan, don't do nightshifts ! And, stay away from alchohol as much as possible. And rememeber, "right now, somebody loves you"...........

"Stuart - still as mad as a a badger, but happy !

Article written by Stuart, May 2008

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