An Investigation into Social Support, Possessions & Obsessions

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This study has been reviewed, and approved, by University of Oxford, Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) board (ref: R74797/RE001).


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Research plays a significant role in helping us better understand Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and to further develop evidence-based treatments available for people living with OCD.

Whenever we are approached by a researcher we carry out our own due diligence, we have a duty to you our supporters, to protect your rights, dignity, well-being, valuable time and, of course safety. We ask questions of the research project and review thoroughly before we promote the research on our website. OCD-UK believes this policy on being selective in the research we promote ensures our supporters can have confidence in participation of this research listed below.

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An Investigation into Social Support, Possessions & Obsessions

We are interested in hearing from people based in the UK aged 18 and over who identify as having obsessional and compulsive problems.

What is the purpose of the study?
My name is Victoria and I am conducting research with Professor Paul Salkovskis at the University of Oxford looking into the role of social support. This is because the support we receive (or don’t receive) can have a big impact on our thoughts and experiences. We are hoping to develop a deeper understanding of factors that may contribute to distress, with the hope of tailoring and improving treatments.

What will participants be asked to do?
Participating in the research involves a brief telephone discussion (approximately 15 minutes) and online questionnaires (approximately 30-40 minutes) although for some people it may take longer. Paper questionnaires can also be sent by post if you prefer.

How to take part.
For more information please download the participant information sheet or for questions or to register your interest please contact

To take part or for additional information please read the research participant information sheet which can be downloaded by clicking here.


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