Commercial organisations misusing OCD

OCD-UK Awareness (Cat), OCD Misuse (Cat)

The uncomfortable truth is that retailers and the media play a part in perpetuating misconceptions and adding to the stigma around some mental health problems, like OCD, and that can and does discourage people from seeking help. The fact is that misinformation can and does cause stigma, and that is harmful if just one person is prevented from speaking out about their OCD in order to ask for help.

So, the importance of challenging every misuse of OCD remains vitally important to ensure nobody suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is left feeling unable to speak out about what they’re going through.  Anything that delays or prevents someone seeking help and further adds to the distress they’re experiencing must be challenged.

Sadly, the media and commercial organisations are continuing to be part of the problem, rather than the solution. So, it’s time we highlight the problem by identifying those organisations who think it’s acceptable to joke about and misuse OCD, click each link for full details.  We will continue to update and maintain the list on this page, so please do check back.