Funny Bone T-Shirts

OCD-UK OCD Misuse (Cat)

Funny Bone T-Shirts appears to be an online retailer that have kiosks in shopping centres. The one pictured below was seen this week in one of the side entrances to Derby Intu. However, we are not clear if the kiosk owner was an individual or linked to Funny Bones T-Shirt.   


The importance of challenging messages like this should never be underestimated because if we don’t try and influence change, then nothing will change. OCD will continue to be misunderstood and trivialised as long as misuse is prevalent and allowed to go unchallenged. Every time OCD is misused or used inappropriately it does more than trivialise and add to misconceptions, it also adds to the stigma faced by those suffering if it prevents just one person feeling they can open up and talk freely about their OCD.  You can read more about why we challenge OCD misuse here.

We have been unable to find a contact for the Funny Bone directly, although we did engage the sales attendant within the shopping centre and passed our business card asking the manager to get in touch. 

Until then we will contact Derby Intu to ask them to intervene as they are allowing these products to be sold on their premises.  * Derby Intu staff have suggested that part of the complex is not managed by them. We are reviewing.

Please do let us know if you see Funny Bone  t-shirts being sold in your local shopping centre. Our recommendation is not to get into a debate with the attendant, who may simply be an employee, but to make a formal complaint to the shopping centre instead.


No Resolution

28th Nov – We have contacted Derby Intu to ask them to review and intervene.

Suggested Resolution: We would welcome Funny Bone becoming part of the solution, rather than the problem, by choosing to completely remove this product, and making a gesture of recognition of the problem to OCD-UK.  We would also encourage the owners to provide education about OCD and mental health stigma to all their staff and designers to ensure this does not happen again.