Our new campaign for October is OCDtober

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OCDtober is a fantastic initiative that was the brainchild of one of our members, and one which OCD-UK are proud to launch.

OCDtober is an entire month, which includes international OCD Awareness Week (7th-13th), dedicated to raising awareness and challenging our own OCD. To change perceptions and to generate momentum to help us further work towards our recovery.

The idea is still fresh, but we are planting the seeds this year, with a view to watching the campaign grow bigger in 2019 and hopefully for many years to come.

Most of our work this OCDtober will be online. But this only works if more people support the idea, perhaps re-tweeting and sharing our social media posts, or getting involved by distributing posters and handouts at your school, college, university or place of work (with their permission). We will send you as many handouts as you need, just email us at: office@ocduk.org

You can do more if you want to really support the project. Perhaps use OCDtober as an opportunity to talk to family and friends about your OCD or via your own social media. You could even message work colleagues to share your experience.

Whatever you do this OCDtober, let’s make some noise, let’s show that OCD is not a quirk or a choice, that OCD is a disorder.