NHS Local OCD Services

In addition to the specialist national treatment clinics some local NHS services have developed their own dedicated OCD services. We’re aware of the following four local areas which have an OCD service for local residents.

  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield
  • Sussex

OCD treatment specialist, Dr Claire Lomax, works from the Centre for Specialist Psychological Therapies in Newcastle. The clinic serves patients within the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Foundation Trust catchment area. Dr Lomax, who works at the clinic part-time, specialises in the treatment of OCD, Hoarding and BDD. Patients needing OCD treatment should ask their GP to refer them to Dr Lomax at the clinic.

Website: Centre for Specialist Psychological Therapies



During the last three years, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust developed an OCD education and treatment group for patients on the waiting list for regular individual therapeutic interventions under secondary care services. The group was originally developed in partnership with OCD-UK and continues to be supported by the charity.  Patients referred by their GP to Nottinghamshire Healthcare for secondary care treatment can ask to be referred to the group whilst waiting for individual CBT.



One of the first local OCD services was developed in Sheffield several years ago. The OCD and BDD Specialist Team is run by the Specialist Psychotherapy Service at St Georges Community Healthcare Centre, part of the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. Your GP can arrange a referral to this team, in fact referrals are accepted from any healthcare professional in primary or secondary healthcare.

Website: Specialist Psychotherapy Service



For patients under primary care services, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provide an OCD Clinic for adults experiencing difficulties with OCD. The OCD Clinic is part of the adult primary care mental health services in East Sussex (Health in Mind) and in Brighton and Hove (Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service). When you are referred to the clinic you will be offered an assessment meeting with a clinician. At your assessment meeting the best treatment plan will be discussed and you will usually be offered group therapy in one of the clinics Sussex locations, although you can request individual therapy.

The clinic will be talking about their work at our conference in Brighton in November.

Website: OCD Clinic


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