Opening the conversation…

OCD-UK Article

After witnessing the scenes across America in recent days we felt it was right to be clear that the OCD-UK team, as individuals and as an organisation, condemn all forms of racism and discrimination. We too say #BlackLivesMatter today and every day.

Whilst great progress has been made in recent years in the understanding and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and in addressing some of the stigma around OCD, we need to ensure that nobody is left behind. As a service-user led charity we know only too well some of the struggles that people face every single day because of their OCD, and we want to ensure that skin colour does not add to those struggles of surviving and overcoming OCD.

It’s important that we open up the conversation to ensure black people with OCD feel they have a voice across our organisation and we can ask that very important question “what else can we do to help?”.

Here in the UK we’re somewhat luckier compared to many parts of the world, since one of the founding principles of the NHS is that treatment is made available to everyone. But we need to make sure that skin colour is not a barrier to talking about OCD that then prevents somebody seeking that help and treatment for their OCD.

We want to understand what challenges black people face in talking about OCD and seeking treatment. Are there any additional barriers to accessing treatment here in the UK?  Are there questions we are not asking, that we should be asking?  We can’t promise to have all the answers right now, but our charity is committed to recognising the challenges and problems you encounter and that together we WILL work towards solutions.

We invite you to share your thoughts with us by emailing All emails will (as always) be treated in the strictest of confidence.