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This page includes creative media created by young people with experiences of OCD. Our Young Ambassadors are here to:

Give hope and inspiration to other young people with OCD

Use creative ways to portray their experiences with OCD

Use this platform to raise awareness

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Meet Zoë

Hello Young Ambassadors, My name is Zoë and I will be taking over from Sue for the Young Ambassadors project following her departure in October. Sue has done a great job in getting the project up and running and I can’t wait to get stuck in and make this project a HUGE success.

I am looking forward to leading a project to provide hope, inspiration and a connection for young people with OCD, and being creative with it!

A little bit about me:

My name is Zoë, I am 27 years old and I am in recovery from OCD. I was diagnosed in my early 20’s after many years of letting it control my life. This project is important to me as I know how disabling the disorder is if you allow it to be.

I want to expand the platform for young people to express their feelings and feel connected to others who have a personal understanding of OCD. I am also a creative person and can’t wait to use some creativity to promote a positive outlook. Recovery is 100% possible and together we are much stronger than OCD.

Become an OCD-UK Young Ambassador!

Are you between the ages of 13-18 and have OCD?

We want you to get involved!

OCD-UK Ambassadors are sharing stories, inspiring others and raising awareness of OCD via the following project.

Children in Need
This nationwide, three year project, funded by Children In Need supports the development of 60 young people with OCD (13 – 18 years of age) who are given a central platform to talk about their experiences.

The project allows our Young Ambassadors to become role models, offering hope and inspiration to their peers with OCD. Given the national reach of the project, the majority of the work will be conducted through online communication with participants sharing their stories through a variety of creative ways such as blogs, podcasts, artwork. We also host regional meetings to allow the young ambassadors to meet face to face.


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