'The killer of men'


In 1939, they were sent to war, just imagine all the pain they had to endure.
Standing on the shore,
waiting for the rain to pour.
Not knowing when or if they’ll see their friends again.
The killer of men.

In 1981 it was no longer a gun,
men were killed for just simply having fun.
They thought it was a hoax,
just fear mongering at most.
Thousands of men died,
For a secret they shouldn’t have had to hide.
But the public wasn’t ready,
so, we lost Freddie.
The killer of men.

Now it’s 2021, and a new terror has come.
They’re not allowed to feel,
so, they must conceal.
Looking after their mental health,
should be more important than wealth.
Feeling like they can’t talk,
so, they cross their arms and just walk.
Standing over the M4,
wishing they could spread their wings and soar.
But they can’t anymore because they’ve hit the floor.
The killer of men.

I’m here to say,
we want you to stay.
Please be brave and talk to someone today.
You are not less of a man,
for asking for a helping hand.
You are worthy of love and more than enough.


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