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Snail mail still works, and we still accept cheque or postal order donations.
Setup a regular standing order direct from your bank, or complete the form and we'll do the rest.
You can make a one-off donation to OCD-UK through direct bank transfer.
We can take payments over the phone, have your debit/credit card at the ready and give us a call.

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Regardless of your method of donation, you can make your donation go further with Gift Aid.
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Collection Box

Despite their size, a collection box can hold a surprising amount of money. So could you help by placing an OCD-UK collection box in a shop in your local area? Or if you want to donate your own loose change we can send you an collection box.
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Reasons to Donate


We receive over 6,000 telephone calls a year to our helpline, where we give advocacy help, OCD information and support.

Low Cost Helpline

We fund a low cost 0333 helpline number to make calling OCD-UK easier for people needing our help.

UK Wide COnference

We host conferences all over the UK for people affected by OCD which include talks by leading OCD experts.

IAPT Database

We maintain the only accurate national database of NHS IAPT services and make it freely available for all service-users and other organisations.


In 2017, 741,886 people looking for help and support visited our website and between them viewed over 1.5 million webpages.

Email Support

We answer up to 1,000 emails a year from people across the world offering them invaluable advice and support.

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