Our ears are wide open

A poem by Zoe Wilson

With world mental health awareness day and OCD Awareness Week soon upon us, Zoe, our children, young people & parent lead shared her thoughts to encourage men with OCD to reach out.

Young or old,
man or boy,
timid or bold,
stigma we must destroy.

You deserve to be heard,
deserve recovery,
we give you our word,
that we see nothing but bravery.

That stiff upper lip,
you can let rest,
and loosen the grip,
of the weight on your chest.

The pressure to appear strong,
is unbelievably high,
with this idea that it’s wrong,
for men to cry.

But we reach out our hands,
for you to grasp on to,
and with you we stand,
against OCD too.

Our ears are wide open,
for whenever you are ready,
there’s a supportive union,
for everybody.

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