Our campaigns

Our main day-to-day remit is to support children and adults affected by OCD.

Alongside that work, where our limited resources allow, we also campaign for the greater good of those affected by OCD.

These are some of our current campaign projects...

01 - Research Giving service users greater control about the types of OCD research that clinical psychologists undertake.

02 - Misrepresentation Challenging misconception of OCD across the media and retailers. Awareness only begins when misrepresentation ends.

03 - IAPT Liaising with NHS England and the IAPT programme to help improve patient experience within local IAPT settings.

04 - OCD Risk Helping to improve health professional’s and other agency’s understanding of risk assessment in the diagnosis of OCD.

These are just some of the areas that OCD-UK is working on behind the scenes in collaboration with our users and other agencies, like universities and the NHS.