Introducing OCD-UK’s Webinar Series

There’s always more to learn about OCD and its related disorders and this webinar series is an opportunity to hear from experts on topics not covered at our annual conference.

Each webinar is approximately one hour long with time allowed for any questions you might have. If you do find any of these webinars helpful then please consider making a small donation to OCD-UK or becoming an OCD-UK member.

Upcoming Webinar Presentations
Previous Webinar Presentations
Recordings will be available within about six weeks after each event. OCD-UK members can access the recording immediately by emailing

15:00-16:00 on Friday 24th June 2022
Is it always bad to worry or can worry be useful? Understanding excessive worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Presented by Sævar Már Gústavsson, Clinical Psychologist and PhD student

17:30-19:00 on Thursday 21st April 2022
Worried well or worried sick? Understanding health anxiety
Presented by Professor Paul Salkovskis

13:00-14:00 on Wednesday 16th March 2022 
How to eat an elephant - Understanding hoarding and how to help
Presented by Dr Tom Graham