There is not a word in the dictionary that I could use to effectively describe what recovery feels like.

It is a freedom unlike any other, a release from chains that no one else could see. It is stepping out into warm sunlight after an eternity in cold darkness, the ability to see after being blind and the sound of laughter after being deaf. When I started to recover, I started to live again. Living is the most spectacular thing anyone can ever experience. I went to school again. I made friends for the first time in my life. I laugh with every part of me and smile with my eyes. I pet dogs, hug people and eat delicious food. Happiness provides a view that feels like you are looking at nature’s most precious gift. Everything goes from black and white to the most vivid colours. It feels like a war has ended and you want to dance in the streets with strangers. The best part is not what recovery gives you, but what is gives back. All the precious things OCD stole from you, recovery returns.

Recovery is priceless. It worth so much more than any sum of money, any gift you could ever be given. It is worth every tear you have shed, every sleepless night and every battle you fought in. It is waiting for you, it is there, you just need to find it. You can. Don’t let a tormentor win. Be stubborn, spiteful and resentful. You deserve better. Fight for it. With every breath you have left, every ounce of strength you have got, for the sake of everyone you love and who loves you, fight. You will win.

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