Donate or Join by Telephone

There are several ways to donate to, or become a member of OCD-UK, the quickest of which is make an online payment or setup a direct-debit for a regular donation.

But we're also able to take payments and direct-debit instructions over the telephone for either a donation or membership donation.

Simply give us a call on the number below and we will be happy to have a chat to you and help you setup a one-off or regular donation.

We're a small team, and do get busy on the helpline sometimes, so if you can't get through to the office team, please try again or shoot us an email and we will be happy to call you back.


Examples of what your donation funds

£2.00 Could pay for an OCD information booklet to be sent out to 1 family struggling to understand OCD. Our booklets offer positive and informative advice on living with and tackling OCD.

£6.00 Funds 3 hours of freephone call time to our advice line. Many of our callers are unwaged due to the severity of OCD, so we're working towards providing a freephone number for people to call us. We currently offer a low-cost number for people to call.

£25.00 Could pay for one hours OCD Support Group room hire. Our groups bring people with OCD together in a safe, positively facilitated space allowing people to access hugely valuable ‘peer support’.

£50.00 Could pay for the training for one of our advice line volunteers to be trained. When people affected by OCD call our charity they’re often feeling very alone and desperate, so hearing the words “OCD-UK… how can I help you?” can break through their isolation and bring a sense of relief.

Thank you for your support of our charity