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Hi, I am Emily and I am one of the new Young Ambassadors for OCD-UK. We all know COVID-19 is already challenging enough without those pesky OCD compulsions and obsessions. OCD has not only got more difficult for those with contamination OCD, but also for those who haven't got someone to talk to, or who are not being able to continue doing therapy.

OCD can affect anyone, young or old, so it's important that through these struggling times we stand together as a community, because a problem shared is a problem halved - I like to say!!! From personal experience I had many battles with OCD and I am currently doing CBT therapy and taking medication, but not all people reading this will have the support that I am so lucky to have received. So, I have decided to share my personal top 3 tips to stay calm through OCD and COVID -19.

1. Try your best to distract yourself

  • I know this sounds obvious and you're probably already shouting at the screen saying that it’s not that easy, believe me I am the worst at distracting myself from my intrusive thoughts and compulsions. But even a shower, exercise, putting makeup on or just washing your face with cold water can help give you that little bit of much needed relief.

2. Don't suffer in silence

    • Believe me, I know how easy it is to seep into darkness, but I also know that even a little bit of help along the way can be life changing. Think about if the top sports players didn't ask for help with how they perform, do you think they will be where they are today? Hopefully you’re saying no because then you will be right!! You don't even have to speak to anyone you know, there is help out there like OCD-UK who have online resources and online forums. There are also many other organisations that do texting services and helplines for those with OCD and other mental health problems. If in doubt, ask for support. Remember not to be ashamed, you're not alone and they have heard it all before!!!

    If the top sports players didn't ask for help with how they perform, do you think they will be where they are today?Emily

    3. Don't believe everything you read or hear on the news

    • By reading and believing everything you see or hear about COVID-19, or anything really, can increase your anxiety by a million (ok maybe I am exaggerating) but it certainly feels like that for those like me who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Beware, there are lots of fake news articles out there that are just trying to scare you. I would advise to only stay on sites you trust, like the world health organisation, who definitely know what they're talking about!!!!

    So, there we have my top 3 tips on trying to cope with OCD and the pandemic. Readers remember like a good role model said to me ‘Keep your chin up!!! Smile as much as you can, and kick OCD in the butt. You have got this, recovery is not impossible for anyone young or old can fight OCD!!!’ I know how hard things are right now but remember there is support out there, all around us, whether it's from fellow OCD sufferers, family members, therapists or helplines. We ‘re all in this together, one OCD thought at a time 🙂 Stay safe and be brave!!

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