OCD & Education

By Emily


Lack of education in OCD creates stigma. Most people my age think that OCD is just cleaning and germs, which can be true, but for a lot of people it's different to that. Personally, I find the misconceptions of OCD like a mask. It kind of stops me from telling others because they think it is just ensuring things are straight. Better education in schools and colleges will break stigma.

It's easier to start with younger generations as they will not know the stigma unless they have heard it somewhere. We are not born with the misconception of OCD; we learn it from others. So those offensive T – shirts and OCD jokes need to be gone. Schools need to focus more on what mental health disorders are out there because this will help people to spot their own symptoms if they have any and increase awareness.

Just one conversation about OCD in schools can change hundreds of student’s perceptions of the disorder, and It can also help friends of those who are struggling because of OCD to support them. Education is so valuable in society; it can help change lives. Imagine how many suicides, heartaches, and misdiagnoses you can prevent by just talking to the future generation about OCD and other anxiety disorders. It can stop stigma, transform lives, and increase research and treatments in OCD.

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