FAQs on OCD – New Book



FAQs on OCD Book Cover


During the year OCD-UK’s Zoë Wilson and Ashley Fulwood have been busy writing a brand new book about OCD. Both have waived their personal royalties from the book to donate their proceeds to the charity.

Due to be published on 27th October, exclusive discounts are available to OCD-UK members for the eBook and paperback. Check our website members area on publication day for details.

The book also includes an exclusive foreword from our patron Professor Paul Salkovskis who writes “You could do worse than start with this gem of a book”.

Ashley and Zoë explained in the book introduction why they chose to write the book. “We have seen through our work with OCD-UK that often the practicalities of life with OCD are not always addressed or discussed. For many people, their reluctance to ask questions is fuelled by the fear of other people’s reactions, fear of judgement, and how they may be perceived. This book aims to take all of that away from you, by asking and answering those questions which you may have wanted to ask for some time but have been reluctant to.”

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