Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant

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Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant Written & Directed by Suraya Raja Multi-award winning short film, Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant, is the inspiring story of a teenage girl fighting against compulsive thoughts and urges. Layla is terrified by …


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In 2019 , Sorcha McCaffrey, whose one woman show about life and OCD tours this year, spoke to BBC Radio Manchester  spoke to BBC Radio Manchester, click below to listen to her interview. Ladybones Presented by Sorcha McCaffrey During 2019 …

What is CBT?

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Excellent short animation by the BABCP explaining what CBT is and how it can help people. Narrated by comedienne, Jo Brand. Credits: Produced by Lucy Maddox, designed & animated by Tim Ruffle, voiceover by Jo Brand.

What’s it like to have OCD?

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OCD-UK patron, the actor and writer, Ian Puleston-Davies filmed an OCD documentary for BBC Wales ‘Week in Week out’ last year called OCD – An Actors Tale. Although the documentary is not currently being shown on BBC iPlayer, this clip …

What is mental health recovery?

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We love how The Scottish Recovery Network define recovery, they say recovery means “being able to live a good life, as defined by the person, with or without symptoms and is more about what you CAN do, not what you …


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Locked is a short OCD film, partly based on the OCD experiences of OCD-UK trustee, Claire Gellard. This fantastic short film was first broadcast at the OCD-UK annual conference in Cambridge in 2010, and also won an award the following …

Living With Me And My OCD

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Living With Me And My OCD is a personal documentary about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) produced, directed, filmed and edited by Claire Watkinson, which Claire gave permission for OCD-UK to show. It features individuals (including Claire) who have OCD and …

A guide to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

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This CBT video guide was produced in 2009 by the British Medical Journal Group who have kindly given permission for OCD-UK to broadcast.  The video features Professor Paul Salkovskis and Karen Robinson sharing her personal experiences of OCD and CBT. To …