A Hall of Mirrors

I look around and around,
at the mirrors all over,
I can’t clear my head there is never any closure.

So many different directions,
so many different paths,
who knows how long this feeling will last.

Heart pounding,
I feel like there’s no escape,
I’m never quite sure how much more I can take.

And I continue to learn that this is a battle,
one that takes strength,
and maybe some hassle.

A hall of mirrors,
and the reflections produced,
it’s so hard to distinguish falsehood from truth.

But as I persist, I begin to see clear,
despite many reflections,
there is not much to fear.

Though my worries may be strong,
I will be stronger,
for there is nothing so big that I cannot conquer.

When the hall of mirrors seems too complex to fight,
a tiny flicker of hope will ignite.

Your thoughts may be scary,
and you feel so alone,
But they do not define you,
look how you’ve grown.

By Holly R

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