Poetry by OCDUKYA Holly

“My OCD makes me quirky, I can line up my pencils to perfection! I love to clean when my room gets messy, I won’t stop until it is done.

My OCD makes me happy, I’m always trying my best to be neat. I love being different to everyone else, my OCD makes me unique.

My friends join in with me too! They all say they’re ‘So OCD’, When something is out of line, they’ll sort it out, they’re almost as bad as me!

I love having OCD, it makes me so popular in school. It’s what everyone is saying nowadays, I  find it really cool!”

I love having OCD, said no one ever, it is actual living hell!  I stay up all night thinking horrible thoughts, things I’d never tell.

I want to get out of this, I can’t take it anymore, why did it have to happen to me? There are days where I’m crying on the floor.

OCD is not something you can control, you can’t turn it off and on,
I don’t want to be feeling like this, I want these thoughts to be gone.

OCD will wear you down, it will take everything you’ve got, you have the resilience to get through this, I believe in that a lot!

OCD will hurt you and change you, and leave you feeling crap. But I have every faith in you that you can beat this mental illness, don’t you ever stop believing that!


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