OCD-UK IAPT Database - Now Retired

In 2016 OCD-UK created the only active database/map of IAPT services across England. In 2021 we took the decision to retire this map with the new NHS database now actively maintained.

Since we created this map NHS England have created a new IAPT database search.

Click here to use the latest NHS IAPT Search Tool.

Click here to launch the Google Map full screen, or click the square icon on the upper right of the frame.


The data were sourced by OCD-UK in 2016 by writing to each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) directly and asking them to provide us with the details of the IAPT services that they commission in their local region. Although this database was created in 2016,  the vast majority of data remains accurate, however there might  be some changes to service details since we created the database.  Please help us maintain this database by emailing us at office@ocduk.org with details of any out-of-date or incorrect information that you may come across.

In some areas more than one provider is commissioned to provide IAPT services, so if you’re presented with more than one IAPT provider, you can choose which one to refer yourself to. If you’re unsure about which service you need to refer yourself to, we recommend you consult your GP for advice. If you prefer to access a service outside of your home region you should discuss this with your GP, because you may be able to implement your ‘Right to Choose’.

Why we created this map

Back in September 2016, OCD-UK spent thousands of pounds in time and resources to create this clickable map of every single IAPT service in England. But why did we do that?

In most parts of England patients can refer themselves directly to their local IAPT service, a process called self-referral, this cuts out the need to see a GP, therefore saving time. Unfortunately self-referral is not straight forward for two reasons.

  1. Rather than name each local IAPT service ‘Nottingham IAPT’ or ‘Derby IAPT’, which would make life much easier, each local IAPT service chose their own unique service name, for example Healthy Minds, Let’s Talk, Inclusion Matters etc.  So unless you happen to know the name of your local IAPT service, you will need to search for it.
  2. There is no easy way to search for local IAPT services. Somewhat inexplicably there is no accurate NHS database of IAPT services.  The database for psychological services that should be searchable was passed to the NHS Choices website, but the responsibility for updating local entries falls to each local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and many of them have failed to accurately maintain records, so searching for accurate results is a lottery.

In June 2018 OCD-UK liaised directly with the national IAPT team and NHS England and we believe that the database problem will be rectified shortly, which means we hope to be able to retire our map shortly. If not, then we will look to review and update by 2021.


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