Lucy - The monster in my mind

This poem was written by OCD-UK Young Ambassador Lucy who is 18 years old.


The monster in my mind

by Lucy

The monster in my mind

Moved in when I was sixteen, 

Unloading his suitcase of hand sanitiser and bleach,

declaring now he’d be my roommate. 

He forced logic to evict

But invited anxiety and guilt to stay. 

Together, they turned up the radio,

And decided they’d make home in my brain. 


They're loud and intrusive, 

And I’ve asked them maybe to quieten down,

Maybe turn down the noise (I miss that blessed silence)

But they decided that they’re in charge now. 


They bleach the walls of the amygdala

Until the wallpaper peels

And the walls crack. 

Where Adrenaline seeps in, 

He’s a regular guest. 


The monster in my mind moved in when I was sixteen,

But today I hand him his eviction notice. 

My mind was never his,

This brain was always my home. 

And it’s time to take that back.


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