OCDUKYA Millie-Grace's Photography

Our OCDUKYA Millie-Grace has shared with us
her photography for March’s theme.
Millie-Grace says;

'It's worth it'
In August last year, I went to Disneyworld
with my family. It was our dream holiday
and we were very excited to go. However,
 when we got to America, I was faced with
all my greatest fears and anxieties. You
had to use fingerprint recognition to
enter the parks, I had to use public
toilets, I was constantly putting on
sun cream and not being able to wash
my hands. A year before I couldn’t have
dealt with it. Even though I was still
very anxious, I did all these things to
stop myself ruining the holiday. There
are times like these, when even though
it’s not easy, you have to face OCD for
the benefit of yourself and others,
and in the long run that is how OCD is beaten.
I have always had a fear of life jackets,
the idea of dead skin cells on the jacket
would scare me away from the activity they
were necessary for. At Universal Studios,
there was a ‘rapids’ ride in a water park,
they insisted that you had to wear a life
jacket to swim in it. I was so terrified
I nearly missed out.  However, after
speaking to my parents we found a clean,
dry life jacket and I forced myself to
put it on. I remember crying the whole
way around this ride because I was so
proud of myself. It was my favourite
ride throughout the holiday. Even though
it was on my own terms, I got over that
particular fear and I faced fifty other
fears every day, I refused to let OCD stop me.
Little by little, I got through each battle,
and it was all worth it.

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