You aren't alone: In conversation with OCD-UK Young Ambassadors (age 13 - 24) - Consent Form

Webinar Date:  Friday 18th  November 2022 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Hello! We are delighted that you are interested in attending the webinar for our virtual conference in November. This webinar is specifically for people between the ages of 13 - 24. Before you can register, we will need caregiver's consent for anyone under the age of 18. We will also need to take a few details. Don't worry, this will only take two minutes and the data will only be used so that we can ensure participants well-being.

The reason why we require consent from caregivers of people under the age of 18 is because it’s important that someone is aware you are attending a webinar which will involve listening to people’s distressing experiences with OCD, and we want to make sure that you have support following the webinar from your caregiver, should you need it.

A little more information for parents: 

For our annual conference this year, we are hosting another virtual event online. We will be hosting a webinar where OCD-UK facilitators will be interviewing some of our young ambassadors about their experiences with OCD.

During the webinar, the young ambassadors will be sharing their experiences so that other young people who are suffering can listen, relate to them, and find comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone with their experiences. The young ambassadors will also be sharing messages of hope for recovery, and that the bad days of OCD don’t last forever.

Because the young ambassadors will be sharing some of their stories, which will involve some distressing content, it’s important that your child is over 13 years old. Some of their experiences may contain themes of sensitive and mature nature, so it’s important they are at an age where they will understand this.

Any young person who attends the webinar may ask questions, however there will always be an OCD-UK host and co-host present to distribute the questions, and in the case that none of the young ambassadors want to answer a question, or the question requires an answer from a member of the OCD-UK team, then the OCD-UK host will answer. Questions can be asked anonymously.

If you have any questions regarding the conference webinar, we will be happy to talk, please email, thank you.

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  • Before you can register for this webinar, we need to get a little more information from you.
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