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What a fantastic podcast to kick off our recommended Podcast of the Week series than an interview with one of our favourite people, Sorcha McCaffrey, an interview that is both beautifully uplifting and inspirational, made possible through the open and personable interview style of Beth from the On Repeat (the OCD podcast).
About this episode:
Podcast by On Repeat.

You are not your OCD with Sorcha McCaffrey
Chatting with Sorcha felt like a warm hug. Based in Manchester, she is a theatre maker, story teller and, most importantly, snack eater.

Sorcha felt certain she would "go to her grave" before she shared what was going on in her head. Until she was diagnosed age 20, she kept her OCD struggles a secret, fearing she would be ostracised or shunned. Now, she talks about it ALL THE TIME! And we are so glad she does. Drawing on her experience, Sorcha wrote her one woman show 'Ladybones', a story about OCD, dungarees and being weird but not a weirdo.

In this episode, she chats to Beth about CBT, writing, living an anti-OCD life and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.


w/c 23rd March 2020
  • Podcast: On Repeat (the OCD podcast)
  • Interviewer: Beth
  • Interviewee: Sorcha McCaffrey
  • Broadcast Date: 12th March 2020
  • Run time: 00:53:55
About the podcast series:

On Repeat (the OCD podcast)
Beth and Susannah are sisters. They both love talking. They both have OCD. This is the first time they've combined the two and talked about their experiences together. Join them and their fabulous guests for frank and honest chit chats, a little bit of silliness and a lot of putting OCD to rights.

You can follow Beth and Susannah on Twitter @repeatpod1