OCD & Identity



Inside of my head there’s a voice,
It doesn’t sound like mine.
I can’t remember my life without it,
It’s there all of the time.

It shouts and screams and yells,
Shattering the silence by ringing alarm bells.
It steals and lies and cheats,
Wasting my time, it continues to speak.

Demanding obedience always,
It argues with my own voice.
But often it’s misleading,
Doing what it says ends up being the wrong choice.

Inside of my head there’s a voice,
I wish that it didn’t belong to me.
Although I wonder if it was gone,
Who would I be?

It’s taught me so much,
More than any lesson at school,
Like how to keep going on the darkest of days,
What strength really means,
And how to live while afraid.

It’s a voice that can be little or large,
A voice that can be loud or quiet.
It’s a voice that lives inside of me,
But I’d hate to think that it’s all anyone sees.
Because however much space in my head it takes,
I’m still a person.

I am still me.

Inside of my head there’s a voice,
And it’s
called OCD.

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