Dear recently diagnosed,

Be proud that you asked for help, you are one step closer to recovering, you are stronger than you know. Get all the help and support available to you. It is scary living with OCD but know it is normal to be scared and anxious about an OCD diagnosis. I know when I was diagnosed, I labelled myself as a weirdo which isn’t true.

Know many people have OCD and live with it. OCD is a mental illness and suffering does not make us weird, it makes us human. I started Cognitive Behavioural Therapy around 6 weeks ago. I lived with OCD for 2 years and know I showed signs of it before that, but If I can give advice, get help. Now you have been told about your OCD, treat it and care for yourself. Do not suffer all alone.

If you haven’t told your parents or friends about your OCD diagnosis, and feel it would help you, do it. I know the support of my family has got me through some of my hardest days. Days will be difficult to live with OCD, but I can see a light at the end of the dark tunnel which I have survived in for the last two years.

Each day remember you are strong for surviving with the silent monster of OCD.


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