Eastleigh OCD Support Group

This group is run independently of OCD-UK and is listed for information purposes.

The Eastleigh OCD Support Group is open to people who have (or think they might have) OCD or a related disorder, their family members and their friends.

Meeting Dates - Subject to change

The Eastleigh OCD Support Group usually meets on the first Saturday of each month (except where shown) between 2:15pm finishing between 4.45pm.

2020 Support Group Meetings
2 May - See note below
6 June - See note below
July - See note below
1 August
5 September
3 October
7 November
5 December

We’re sorry that our face-to-face meetings are cancelled until further notice, owing to the current Coronavirus situation.

However, we are continuing to run meetings on a new online / phone meeting system on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm for 2.15pm, finishing at 4.45pm as usual.

To take part please email stephen.hosking@btinternet.com , or  call / SMS / iMessage / WhatsApp 07976 726803 by 1pm on the day of the meeting. Please give your name, and tell us if you are new to the group.

Normal service will be resumed (face-to-face meetings) as soon as this situation is resolved!

Support Group Venue

Centenary Hall
Chamberlayne Road
SO50 5JH

Contact Information

The support group details are intended for people with OCD, and these contact details should not be used by researchers or TV production companies without first consulting OCD-UK.

You can text or email Stephen, the group facilitator stephen.hosking@btinternet.com or contact Stephen on 07976 726803 (text message preferred).

Note: When making contact, please state 'Eastleigh Group', the organiser runs more than one support group so it is helpful that he is aware of which group you are contacting him about.