Tanith - Disabled I Feel

This poem was written by OCD-UK Young Ambassador Tanith.


Disabled I Feel

by Tanith

What if this were to be? I’ll do it again just to see. I must make sure I am safe, I can’t afford to lose my pace.

However I am your prisoner, whether it may be night or day. You always cause me such mighty pain.

Can you please, Ma, show mercy on me. As I cannot breathe, I beg you once, I ask you please, for you not question me, as I go to turn off this light, you cause me a mighty strife, not just with myself or you, but for those who don’t know what to do.

Those who try their best to help, but still can’t rid me of this hell.

If only there were a form of help, a magic wand to stop me dwell.

Disabled I feel, without no will, no faith or courage at all.

They say that I’m crazy that it’s not a curse, but can you imagine living with hell on earth.

Feeling stuck in a hole, more compulsions at war, more intrusive thoughts on cue.

Another day, another way I have to find a way to mask you.

The meaning behind this is: when I think about my OCD I envision hell, hundreds of words, hundreds of thoughts. Everything is a blur, a vortex of insanity.

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