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How to eat an elephant - Understanding hoarding and how to help

 Broadcast live on Wednesday 16th March 2022
Dr Tom Graham, Counselling Psychologist and CBT Therapist.
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Gemma Blueitt of OCD-UK

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We all love our stuff. Everyone has possessions that mean something to them that they would not want to part with, but for some people it can be especially difficult to discard things, and items can start to pile up. This can lead to problems and can get in the way of a person living a safe and happy life in their home. Excessive collecting and clutter can cause distress and upset for those struggling with hoarding, and for those around and them. This 1-hour talk will explain a little about hoarding disorder as a mental health problem, what it is (and isn’t), why people might struggle with this condition, and how to help tackle it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
About the speakers

Dr Tom Graham
Tom is a Counselling Psychologist and CBT Therapist. After working for Southwark IAPT Service, he moved to the Centre for Anxiety Disorders & Trauma (CADAT), part of South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. CADAT is one of the few centres in the UK providing individual and group therapy for people with clutter problems and hoarding disorder. Tom has worked with people in the clinic and in their homes, as well as online, including setting up an online hoarding disorder group treatment programme at CADAT. Pre-pandemic, Tom also cofacilitated a weekly drop in group for people with hoarding problems, in conjunction with the London Fire Service. Tom recently moved to work for Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre, where he hopes to continue to help people reclaim space and their lives from clutter.

Dr Tom Graham
Dr Tom Graham

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