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Sævar Már Gústavsson
Sævar Már Gústavsson

Is it always bad to worry or can worry be useful? Understanding excessive worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder

 Friday 24th June 2022
 15:00 - 16:00
Sævar Már Gústavsson, Clinical Psychologist and PhD student.
hosted by
Ashley Fulwood of OCD-UK

Presentation subject

It is normal to worry. Maybe we should even be concerned if we did not worry at all! Worry can be understood as an attempt to solve a problem or figure out how to deal with a threat – and as such it can be helpful. However, our worries can become excessive and cause us great distress, sometimes leading to an anxiety problem that we call generalised anxiety disorder.

In this presentation we will discuss

  1. the difference between normal and excessive worry in general
  2. the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder
  3. what is common and different with generalised anxiety disorder and OCD
  4. how cognitive-behaviour therapy can help us manage our worries.
About the speaker

Sævar is a clinical psychologist working within primary health care in Iceland where he provides evidence-based assessment and treatment for adults with anxiety and/or mood disorders. He is also a PhD student at Reykjavik University where he is looking at how we can better understand the experience of people with generalised anxiety disorder in order to inform treatment. As a clinical psychologist in primary health care Sævar has extensive experience of working with people with for example generalised anxiety disorder, major depression, and chronic physical problems (such as fibromyalgia). Sævar has a special clinical and research interest in the cognitive theory of emotional problems and how it can be applied to work in collaboration with the patient to build an alternative, less threatening understanding of the problem and find new ways to manage and cope with it.

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