OCD & Stigma


"There’s a certain stigma around OCD. It’s always girls with the colour coordinated pens and people telling them how “OCD” they are, and them agreeing and loving it. Or how someone with a clean bedroom is “so OCD”.

OCD is so much more than that. It isn’t the lining up your pens perfectly, or the clean bedroom that is so hard. It’s the horrendous thoughts making you do that, the burning panic as you try to resist giving in, and the feeling of guilt in the bottom of your stomach that sets in moments after the relief you first felt.

Every time you hear people calling themselves or other people 'OCD' for trivial tasks, it brings you right back there. It can be really infuriating, especially on the bad days, when people enjoy being labelled as OCD whilst you’re giving it your everything to fight it."

- Ella

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