1.2 Challenge - Tips

The 1.2 Challenge is a fun and simple walking challenge to help you improve your fitness, boost your mental well-being and help raise vital funds for OCD-UK.

We’ve designed our walking challenge so that it's easy to take part in, achievable and most importantly, fun to do! To help you further we have compiled some tips and resources to help you complete your 1.2 Challenge.


If you're new to exercise, give those legs a little stretch before you start your first walk. For the first few days, start slow and ease yourself in to your optimum pace. Do a few warm-up stretches before and warm down stretches after.

Walk and Water

1.2 miles might not sound very far, but in the heat of our summer it can be dehydrating. So drink some water before you set out and take a water bottle with you to remain hydrated. If it's really hot, continue to drink water after you return. Some apps can help monitor your hydration during exercise.

Use the correct walking technique

If regular long distance walking is new to you, then be sure to pace yourself until you feel your groove. Walk at a steady pace by swinging your arms freely and stand as straight as you can.

Dress accordingly

Depending on your walking terrain, good thick cotton socks and comfortable and lightweight supportive shoes will be suitable for most people. If your terrain is not flat, you might need to invest in walking boots (especially if your challenge is longer than 1.2 miles). Equally, dress accordingly for your terrain and the weather. Don't forget OCD-UK are happy to send you an OCD-UK t-shirt for your challenge (for the summer months at least!).

The Sign up Process

To take part in your 1.2 Challenge all you need to do is sign up through our fundraising platform partner, Enthuse, set your fundraising page up and get walking!

Sign up to the 1.2 Challenge  
  • Sign up to the 1.2 Challenge

    Complete our online sign-up form.

  • Set up your fundraising page

    Create your Enthuse '1.2 Challenge' fundraising event page, which will be automatically created at the end of the sign-up form.

  • Share your challenge

    Share your fundraising page with your family and friends and help raise awareness by telling them why you’re taking on the 1.2 Challenge using the hashtag #1point2challenge

Benefits of Walking

Still unsure if signing up is right for you? Read this article about some of the benefits of walking on your physical and mental well-being.
Benefits of Walking