Taboo Thoughts




It’s something that doesn’t get talked about much because, well, it’s taboo. But the issue with that is many young people with OCD worry about these taboo thoughts in their brain, and fear talking to people about it.

You have to remember though, people with OCD, our brains work differently. I know from personal experience that my friends can’t understand my thought process in walking through a door a certain way or clicking my pen a certain amount of times. So, it’s normal for our brains to respond to thoughts differently.

Having thoughts about violence or other taboo subjects is understandable, but there’s a difference between thought and action. Just because you think about doing something doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it. So, thinking these taboo thoughts isn’t dangerous, it’s completely normal. I’ve been there. Thinking about violence and self-harm. But that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. These thoughts are completely normal. And that’s the main thing to remember here. You aren’t evil for having these thoughts, it’s just normal.

You’re not in this alone

Lots of Love


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