The thought that likes to stay

A Poem by OCDUKYA Mia 

This thought in my mind,
I think about it all the time.

When I’m up, when I’m down,
it turns my life upside down.

However hard I try to fight,
I know that it will take my night.

Thousands of thoughts inside of me,
but you are the one that makes me flee.

I thought I could bury you way down deep,
but I even found you in my sleep.

Why should I listen to you?
After everything you put me through.

You say everything will be okay,
but then you lead me astray.

Tell me to do OCD,
just tap that post 1,2,3.

Just don’t count to 5,
then you will stay alive.

You say just do this,
then you’ll feel bliss.

But I know that’s a lie,
and I know I won’t die.

I hate you,
and you hate me.
But you can’t survive without me.

One day you will fall,
and I will laugh and have a ball.

So, for now you are here,
that appears to be very clear.

One day I will win,
I’ll get to throw you in the bin.
The thought that likes to stay.

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