What I would like my loved ones to know

A Poem by OCDUKYA Rachel 


There’s a lot of things about OCD that people don’t know,
so, here’s what I would like my loved ones to know

When my OCD started I didn’t know how to cope,
but don’t blame yourself, you weren’t to know,
I knew I could tell you, and you would be so loving and kind,
but I kept it a secret, because I thought I was losing my mind

I really thought the obsessions were images and themes that my mind was making,
it was taking control of me, and I couldn’t admit that

I thought I was a bad person, but now I know I’m not,
it took me time to accept that I wasn’t mad

You couldn’t have spotted the signs, I hid it so well,
so well that you couldn’t tell

OCD makes us sufferers feel the thoughts are real,
I didn’t know how to say I have OCD,
I didn’t want to say my obsessions out loud,
worried of how it would sound

But you understood me completely,
and I never thought anyone could,
now I’m getting help,
I’m starting to feel like me

I’m improving and that light at the end of a tunnel, I can see,
but it will take time for recovery,
I know you are sad that I battle OCD,
you are wishing you could take the pain away from me,

OCD is exhausting, fearful and bad
but it’s made me more self-loving,
and for that I am glad.

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