What I would tell my younger self

A Poem by OCDUKYA Sam 

If I could go back and tell my younger self that things will be okay,
that things will get better,
I wouldn’t refrain for a second.

Fighting with your brain from the moment you wake,
to the moment you sleep,
takes a special someone to do,
and that’s you.

I’d tell myself that healing isn’t linear,
healing isn’t easy.
Some days you’ll feel happy,
and others you’ll feel sleazy.

You’re not alone in your struggle,
it’s ok to ask for help.
If your mental health takes a dive,
you will come out the other side.

OCD is cruel, but it’s not you at all.
It feels like it controls the way you feel,
controls the way you act,
it feels as if your brain has been suddenly hijacked.

But don’t lose faith,
don’t give up,
hang on in there.

Things do get better,
you’ll see that in the future,
the more you heal and understand,
you’ll build those mental sutures.

Before you know it,
you’ll be on the road to healing.
You will be proud of where you’ve come from,
and the future that’s revealing.

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