History of OCD-UK

Following a successful career in the city as an IT consultant, OCD sufferer Ashley Fulwood came up with the initial idea for this new and unique OCD Charity at the end of November 2003. Ashley had become frustrated at the lack of progress from existing UK organisations, in terms of raising awareness of the debilitating nature of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It was during a chance meeting with fellow sufferer and businessman Steve Sharpe, during November 2003, that the idea for the new charity was pitched.  It was met with complete enthusiasm, so much so that Steve provided financial backing to help get the charity launched.

Both felt that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was still not widely recognised and that a more proactive approach was needed to bring the problems faced by sufferers into the public spotlight and to ensure they were supported towards recovery.

Steve and Ashley both felt that people with OCD had so much to offer, and that they would be able to provide the charity with input into what services it could offer - they recognised that the key to the success of the charity would be to engage sufferers actively in its operation, and to this day OCD-UK remains a charity run by sufferers, for sufferers.

The inaugural management committee was formed during January 2004, when the charity's governing document and constitution was drawn up - this would help guide and shape the way the charity operated. OCD-UK officially became a registered charity with the Charity Commission on 14th April 2004.

During 2004, the charity management team felt that the charity was expanding at such a speed that it needed to appoint a day-to-day management structure. Ashley Fulwood was invited to take over the day-to-day management of the charity and was later appointed to the role of Chief Executive.  Steve Sharpe became the Chairman of the organisation.

Over the years, OCD-UK has continually evolved and developed but the core aim of supporting and helping people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder remains the principal objective of the charity.

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