The impact of our work

The generosity of our supporters means that our work really is life changing, your support helps us, help children and adults affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

What you have helped us achieve during 2017


We handled 6,032 telephone calls on our support line, including advocacy help and support.


We ended 2017 with 620 OCD-UK members across the whole of the UK.


We reinforced our commitment to Scotland by hosting our annual conference in Glasgow, attended by over 120 people affected by OCD.


741,886 people visited our website and between them viewed over 1.5 million webpages.


37,250 people visited our forums for community support, spending an average of 12 minutes each and viewing over 1.5 million forum posts.

IAPT Database

We maintained the only accurate national database of NHS IAPT services and made it freely available for all service-users and shared it with other organisations.

Low-cost helpline

We funded a low cost 0333 call number for our helpline which we subsidised to make calling OCD-UK easier for people needing our help.

Support Groups

We funded and supported 5 regional support groups throughout the year, from Scotland to the south coast and Northern Ireland.

Global Webinars

We hosted two live global webinars with international OCD specialists, Dr Adam Radomsky and Professor Paul Salkovskis.


We continued our working partnership with Nottingham Healthcare Foundation Trust and the Sussex OCD Clinic to support their OCD treatment groups.


Our support email account answered 951 emails from people across the world.

Recovery Colleges

We continued our partnership with Nottingham and Liverpool Recovery Colleges to develop, launch and co-host a course for people living with obsessions and compulsions.

We still need your help to continue and expand on this work, so if you’re in a position to help us please consider making a donation, joining OCD-UK or fundraising for us to help us continue this invaluable work.

The difference we make…
It is without doubt that it was the support off you that made me continue to fight for recovery. I have done things this year I never dreamed I would manage for over 20 years. And I am doing a job I absolutely love. OCD at one time took so much from me, but through joining the charity I am now living a completely different life, personal and career wise.Ruth