Our core belief and values

We believe it’s important that we set out our core belief and values so you, the people we serve, understand what drives the staff and volunteers of OCD-UK. All our work is guided by our core belief and values, which have been developed in collaboration with people with OCD.

Our core belief

It is our belief that everyone affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder should receive the most appropriate and highest quality of care, support and treatment. That society needs to be more understanding about OCD, so that those that suffer, feel understood and confident to speak about their experiences.

Our Values

Our seven core values listed below set out the way in which OCD-UK works to pursue our vision and explains what people can expect from us, with the overriding core principles of offering understanding, kindness, and hope.

We listen
Everything we do is based on the experiences of the people we serve, people affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

We unite
We work together as one organisation, united behind one shared vision.

We inspire
Our passion and determination inspire those around us, we provide help, and create hope.

We innovate
We are forward thinking, always seeking ways to improve what and how we deliver and innovate in everything that we do.

We’re inclusive
We reach out to the whole community, regardless of where they are in their own recovery journey, supporting individuals affected by OCD through the difficult times, the good times and everything in-between and helping them work towards recovery.

We focus
We deliver results and make the most of our limited resources to continually deliver first class services.

We’re vocal
We never shy away from telling it how it is, sharing what we have learned so that more people can make informed decisions about their treatment and lead a life where they can survive, fight and thrive.

We are OCD-UK, and we are here for you!

The difference we make…
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help, guidance and support you have provided together with the letters you have sent on our behalf. It now appears that my wife will receive appropriate care to help her to recovery.Paul