The Demon of My Mind

Our OCDUKYA Grace has shared her poem
with us today. The poem is called
"The Demon of My Mind".

We love the part where she talks
about remembering her strengths
and that she is stronger than

Thank you for sharing such
incredible work with us Grace!
See her poem below....


The Demon of My Mind

By Grace

You manipulate me,
feeding me thoughts no one should think.
I stop for a moment and blink.
I think
about these thoughts you feed me,
the things you tell me,
the lies you give me.
I think about the times I forgot to lock,
to check to clock,
3 times to knock.
When will this stop?
I need to lock,
and check the clock,
not forgetting three times to knock,
when will this stop?
Must wash once more,
complete this chore,
done once now four,
this feels like war.
Did I check the door?
The things I do,
to rid of you,
you stick like glue,
lurking in the depths of my mind.
Yet I must stop for a moment and blink,
to remember my strengths and think.
I am stronger than you.
And I always will be.


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