Mia - 'Day After Day'

Our Young Ambassador Mia has contributed to our OCDUKYA 'Poetry Month' by sharing this brilliant poem with us.


by Mia

When I try to close my eyes it likes to creep inside my mind, sometimes I try to fight but it always seems to win the fight.

Hours and hours I try to sleep and eventually I get a wink,
but when the morning starts to dawn I know I'm alone no more.

Rituals after rituals, compulsion after compulsion,
I try my best to be strong,
but it always convinces me that I'm wrong.

I know the love inside my heart
will carry me through the dark.
OCD you will not rule me.
One day I will win the fight,
but for now I'll say goodnight.
"OCD you will not rule me".


"One day I will win the fight".


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