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OCD and Stigma


I’ve seen so much stigma in the media lately surrounding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Whilst it’s usually water off a ducks back, the pandemic has unravelled some hard stigma busting work. People and companies with big platforms have been trivialising OCD.

Why we challenge OCD misuse

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OCD-UK frequently speak out against numerous examples of OCD misuse, some of which gains national media coverage. Despite making our reasons clear, some observers often fail to understand the significant point about why we choose to speak out against the …

Laura – Facebook Stigma


Laura – Facebook StigmaBlog post by: Laura Barnes SwindonFacebook has come under a huge amount of flack recently… and maybe the tide of social media is changing?… however, for me, it has been a huge force for good. As a …

Hotel OCD misuse and apology

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Over the weekend we were asked to intervene after concerns had been raised by our followers about misuse of OCD in a job advert by an hotel and wedding venue in Swansea. The venue were seeking staff with perfectionist traits, …