Laura Hickman

Hi, I’m Laura, the Online Support Group Lead for OCD-UK. I was diagnosed with OCD in my mid-twenties, but in hindsight I can see that I was struggling for a few years before I identified my difficulties as OCD and reached out for help. It took me several attempts (of varying quality!) to access the intensity of support I needed but CBT and ERP have made a huge difference for me. I also have experience of living with and accessing support for depression, anxiety and self-harm (all of which I have struggled with since my early teens) but found that accessing support for OCD was a lot more difficult to navigate.

OCD-UK played a huge role in helping me understand that what I was struggling with was OCD and helped me to advocate for myself in seeking treatment, so I am proud to now be part of the team. My role as Online Support Group Lead involves organising, administering and hosting our popular online support groups, as well as helping my colleagues with the other services we provide.

The difference we make…
I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all of your work with OCD-UK, you guys rock so hard.Support Group Attendee